Graduating Grade 8 student provides support for breakfast program at Minto Clifford school

MINTO – Every day there are many families that struggle to make ends meet and children who start their day going to school hungry.

As a graduating Grade 8 student at Minto Clifford Public School, Shayla Glazema recognized this and wanted to make a difference at her school.

With the support of Creative Edge Hair Studio and the Harriston-Minto Agricultural Society, Glazema was able to accomplish her goal to raise funds for the Children Foundation Food Friends, donating over $1,000 to help support the breakfast program at Minto Clifford.

“Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day but with the rush to get ready for school, some kids don’t eat their breakfast or have any food to eat,” said Glazema.

The Children Foundation Food and Friends program provides students with a healthy breakfast to help start their day off right.

“Being a student at Minto Clifford Public School I have realized just how important this program is to students,” Glazema stated.

“Without breakfast, students are more likely to struggle in school because they will have trouble concentrating and will not participate as much as others who eat a healthy breakfast.”

Studies have shown that without breakfast students are also more likely to have some behavioral problems because they are hungry.

In Wellington County the Breakfast Program has provided breakfast to over 3,367 children. Just $1.45 will provide a school breakfast to a student in school.

“Eating a healthy breakfast will increase the healthy eating habits of students throughout their lives,” said Glazema.

“Without breakfast, students are more likely to feel tired and reckless. Students are also more likely to socialize with others and be able to have healthy relationships (if they have had breakfast).

She added, “Most students use most of their energy to power their brain to learn. Many kids take for granted that food is provided by our families. Unfortunately there are many families in our communities that just don’t have the luxury of food that we do.

“At my school the breakfast program allows for everyone in the school to have the opportunity to eat something healthy together every school day. This program is run by some very special parents and student volunteers and we should be very thankful for all their help.

“My goal was to be able to give back to my school and help students start their day off right with a healthy snack and a healthy mind.”

Glazema thanked “everyone who supported this great cause and helped me make a difference in my graduating year at Minto Clifford Public School.”

Prize winner – Shayla presents winner Catana Sicilia of Harriston with her prize from a fundraising raffle.
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