Gamble resigns as meeting investigator

The closed meeting investigator for all but one of the county’s seven lower tier municipalities is calling it quits.

On Sept. 23, Norm Gamble issued a letter to Erin and other clients  stating that at the end of the year he is terminating his contracts for services.

Gamble stated “for a number of years I have had the privilege and pleasure of acting as your closed meeting investigator.”

He stated, “There has been little or no call for my services in the past year or two and it is difficult to maintain a skill level.

“This, plus my increasing time spent south in the winter tells me it’s time to pack it in. I am not renewing any of my contracts beyond Dec. 31, 2014.”

Gamble stated he did not plan to leave his clients in the lurch and was willing to assist in the search for a new investigator.

Gamble provided closed meeting investigation services for all Wellington County municipalities except for Guelph-Eramosa Township.