First 4-H Poultry Club meeting held

WELLINGTON COUNTY – The Wellington 4-H Poultry Club its  first meeting on Zoom on April 6. It was my first ever time with 4-H.

We started the meeting by introducing ourselves.  There were a lot of kids on the meeting with June and Theresa our leaders.

We learned a lot about where chickens come from, what they look like as chicks and different breeds.  It takes them three weeks to get their feathers so we have to keep them warm with a heat lamp at the right temperature.

I learned that you can give a baby chick some yogurt and egg yolk to help them as they grow.

There was a lot of questions for our leaders about how to care for the chickens as many of the kids in our group are looking forward to the arrival of their chicks.

We did a fun activity.  We got to draw a chicken without looking at the paper by holding it over our head.  Everyone shared their pictures. Most of them were scribbles since we could not see them when we were drawing.

We also did some trivia questions to test how much we learned.  June ended the meeting by showing us the baby rooster – “Buffy Jr.” and having us all say the 4-H Moto, “Learn to Do by Doing!”

This was so much fun, I can’t wait for the next meeting and the next meeting and the next meeting!

Press reporter Julia