Erin high school turned down for International Baccalaureate program

GUELPH – On June 25, Upper Grand District School Board (UGDSB) staff presented a report on the Orangeville/Dufferin and Erin International Baccalaureate (IB) Survey Results and Feasibility Study, which looked at the feasibility of expanding the program to the Orangeville, Dufferin or Erin area.

The report examined survey results and other feasibility criteria such as enrolment levels, participation rates and financial implications of expanding IB.

Based on the information considered, the board confirmed that it is not feasible to offer IB in Orangeville, Dufferin or Erin at this time.

Staff were directed to consider including a review of IB feasibility in Orangeville/Dufferin or Erin in the work plan resulting from the comprehensive five-year review of the UGDSB’s Long Term Accommodation Plan in 2022-23.

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  1. This is a misleading headline. In my 15 years of researching IBO, not a single U.S. school has ever been “turned down” for authorization … as long as the checks are good. The School Board did a cost analysis and came to the very wise decision that IB was not an investment worth making. Bravo!