Erin 242 Air Cadets are ramping up with some new safety protocols

ERIN – COVID-19 has affected the whole world in a variety of ways. It has changed how everyone now lives their lives. We find ourselves washing and disinfecting a lot more and wearing a mask everywhere we go.

It has also changed how the Erin 242 cadet unit will be conducted to keep everyone safe.

Coming to Cadets may look a little different but we still come for the same reasons – to have fun while learning new things. Some things you will find have changed is how we go about our day-to-day operations.

On a nightly basis and any event going forward, there will be a safety officer (SO) that will ensure everyone is following best practices to keep everyone safe and healthy. All officers will complete a COVID-19 safety awareness course before returning as an officer.

When cadets arrive at any gathering at the squadron or elsewhere, they will have to go through a COVID-19 screening questionnaire. If they answer yes to any of the questions or have a fever (38 C or higher) they will be sent home immediately.

If parents would like to talk to an officer, they will have to make an appointment. Parents will no longer be allowed in the building unless an appointment has been set.

For returning cadets, the entrance will not be the same as in previous years. The main door will no longer be used. The new entrance will be up the ramp and the exit on the opposite side of the room to limit two-way traffic.

There will be many stations to sanitize as well as the washrooms to wash hands frequently.

Classrooms will be set up to ensure that there is social distancing for all cadets and staff. Masks are mandatory and will be issued as a part of the uniform.

In the coming weeks as cadets return, the staff has worked hard to get every cadet a water bottle, a personal bottle of hand sanitizer, a mask, notepad and pen, and a bag to carry it all. This will ensure that every cadet shows up each time prepared.

Activities have been reduced due to the virus but there are still some fun things that cadets can look forward to such as:

– field Training Exercise (FTX’s);

– range days, local teams (i.e. expedition, effective speaking, biathlon, range and flight scholarship); and

– a sports competition later in the cadet year.

Moving forward, 242 Air cadets and staff will continue to adjust to public health concerns.

Quesions and inquiries can be emailed to or Those interested can also visit the squadron website at

WO2 Kaitlyn Dornhoff