Donations, fundraising helped pre-school

The kids at­tending the Centre Well­ington Pre-school were in no mood to wait for anything as formal as a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday morning. They swarmed all over a set of slides, swings and climbing toys that was recently replaced old equipment at the Melville United Church yard where the pre-school has been located for years.

Michelle Westermann, the outgoing vice president of the volunteer run operation,  said it cost about $25,000 to replace the old equipment, and noted that a rubber matting now covers a large part of what once was a sandy area.

She said that matting is much safer and cushions falls better than sand.

The swing seats were replaced at the same time. County and township grants helped with the cost, as did parents forming committees and holding fundraisers. The pro­vincial government also kicked in some cash through a ministry.

She said it took over a year to make all the arrangements, and she thanked the children, particularly, for being patient.

“This is a highly anticipated event,” she said, as Centre Well­ington Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj and pre-school alumna Anna Versluis prepared to cut the official ribbon. Anna’s mom, Carly, noted that this is Anna’s only chance to play on the equipment. She is heading into grade 2 this fall.