County approves tax relief measure for low income seniors, people with disabilities

GUELPH – Wellington County has approved a new measure to provide some tax relief to the area’s most vulnerable people as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the April 30 teleconference meeting, county council approved – upon consultation with its seven lower-tier municipalities – increasing from $200 to $400 the minimum tax rebate amount for low income seniors and persons with disabilities.

“I want to thank staff and council members at all levels of government for working together to pass this resolution quickly so we can relieve some of the financial hardship … [these groups] are currently facing,” said Warden Kelly Linton.

County officials have offered the following details on the tax rebates, which are aimed at helping those least able to pay a significant tax increase due to reassessment:

  • the minimum rebate of $400 will be granted to eligible applicants experiencing a minor tax increase lower than the $400 threshold;
  • qualified applicants experiencing a minor decrease in taxes from the previous year will receive the minimum rebate of $400 less the amount of the tax decrease;
  • due to the state of emergency, qualified applicants need only make their first property tax instalment before becoming eligible to apply for the 2020 rebate (normally applicants need to pay for the full year); and
  • applications may be made any time following payment of the first tax instalment, up to and including the deadline of Nov. 1.

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