Council calls for increased vigilance along construction detour routes

Minto council is asking drivers to follow the rules of the road and calling for increased vigilance from police along detour routes around construction in Harriston.

Deputy mayor Ron Faulkner told council on July 21 he has received several calls and personal visits from concerned citizens about vehicles not stopping at a four-way stop along Queen Street South near the Harriston Kinsmen Pool.

“Apparently vehicles are not stopping at that stop sign. There’s concerns for the kids especially in summertime with pool lessons and such,” said Faulkner, who suggested council ask police to step up enforcement in the area.

“It’s not just that part of town, it’s all over … and I guess as deputy mayor my message to the public is ‘please, please drive carefully – our kids are valuable to us and we want to keep them safe. Follow the rules of the road. If it’s a stop sign, stop. If it’s a yield sign, yield and keep our citizens safe,’” he stated.