Council approves agreements for subdivisions in Palmerston

Town council approved two subdivision agreements for developments in Palmerston on Oct. 17.

The Clair Ridges Estates subdivision will include 23 units north of Prospect Street. 

Creek Bank Meadows subdivision will include 158 units north of Main Street on the east side of town.

Council also approved a request from Clair Ridges Estates Ltd. to construct two model units in the subdivision. 

“We’re very excited to see these two subdivisions moving ahead this year,” said CAO Bill White.

Perfect timing

“I think it’s very exciting right now that we’ve got a couple of phases coming forward with residential, and our industrial lots are all filling up,” said councillor Ron Elliott.

“They’re going to need employees, employees are going to need houses to live in … this is win-win. I think it’s great. The timing’s perfect.”

Mayor George Bridge commented the topic of the developments came up during a recent meeting with TG Minto officials.

“They’re excited about the fact that this is coming forward,” said Bridge.

Councillor Dave Turton said, “One of our biggest problems here in Minto is hiring people. 

“Our unemployment rate is extremely low and we’ve got two or three employers in town that are looking for people.”