Council agrees to extension

Coun­cillors here have agreed to yet another sewage allocation extension for developers of the Eastridge Landing subdivision in Arthur.

The request came to council Monday night by proponents James Coffey and David Martin. They asked to renew the “18 sewage allocations for the remaining unserviced lots in phase one” of the development.

In their letter to council, they noted they received all relevant MOE approvals for the lots, along with the engineered drawings approved by the township engineer.

They further cited the recent completion of two homes and said that five more are under construction on the first 39 lots, which were serviced in 2007.

“We anticipate servicing the remaining 18 lots in the fall of 2009, depending on how home sales progress in the next 12 months,” the letter stated.

Mayor Mike Broomhead said it seems the proponents are moving ahead on the project. Councillor Ross Chaulk asked for clarification on the number of renewals the project has had so far.

Broomhead said he be­lieves this is the second extension since the original application.

Typically, the township offers developments a time limit for sewage allocations – which can be withdrawn at a later point if there appears to be no progress towards completion.