Committee cancellations defers sidewalk discussion

It looks that discussion on potential discussions for sidewalks near the Erin Tim Hortons are not likely to happen until early in the new year.

Mayor Lou Maieron brought the issue up briefly on Nov. 25 stating the reason behind the delay was that the two recent Wellington County Roads committees had been cancelled for various reasons.

Maieron had hoped to take Erin road superintendent Larry Van Wyck to the committee level to help state the need for the sidewalk.

“So I leave that to you Mr. Alls (mayor elect Allan Alls) to deal with in the new year.”

Maieron contended the issue as somewhat contentious to install sidewalks along Wellington County 124 northward to the Tim Hortons.

“The developer has already paid his portion of the funds for the three developed lots and would like to see the project move forward.”

The county does not do sidewalks but is looking for a 35 per cent contribution to the costs.

When he asked the CAO if anything else happened in the interum, CAO Kathryn Ironmonger said her understanding was that the issue “was under the mayor’s umbrellas” and was unaware the county meetings had not taken place.

Maieron estimated the project cost from Ross Street to Tim Hortons was $350,000 to $400,000 – of which the town has already recieved $100,000 from the developer.

Councillor Barb Tocher asked if that estimate only covered the sidewalk work.

“There are some real drainage issues,” Tocher added.

Maieron agreed “there are some series drainage issues.”

He suggested the incoming mayor and council may want to take a tour of the area.

Maieron said previous efforts were made to get a drain application to deal with those matters “but the county did not seem interested in pursuing that.”