Church council wants bells to ring for CO2 environmental cause

The World Coun­­cil of Churches is calling on the world’s leaders to com­mit to decreasing carbon di­oxide (CO2) levels in earth’s atmo­sphere to below 350 parts per million, the stable and safe upper limit for the world’s people, creatures, and future generations.

As the world keys up an international debate on how to reduce atmospheric carbon di­oxide to 350 parts per milli­on, the planet has already passed the 390 mark and the figure is rising.

The World Council of Churches has asked all church communities to highlight the issue on Dec. 13 by ringing their bells 350 times.

St John’s Anglican Church in Elora (corner of Henderson and Smith) is inviting all local churches and individuals to join in the action at 2:00 pm.

“Exceeding 350 parts per million opens a path to suf­fering that is a betrayal of our vision of justice,” the council’s press release stated.

“On behalf of the whole human family, we plead for immediate and forceful action – before tipping points of warming take us beyond the edge of no return. At current or increasing levels of CO2 emissions, billions of human lives and two-thirds of living species are imperiled.”

It added, “As nations prepare for climate treaty negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009, we ask that each country commit itself to setting us on a path to the 350 goal in its own laws, policies, and budgets, as well as in the treaty negotiations.”