Celebrating 35 years of Community Service

On Oct. 24 there was a gathering at Marsville Community Hall of Lions Clubs and guests to congratulate and participate in celebrating the 35 years of community service by the Marsville Lions Club.

The current Lions members in the club are Kenny Blackwell, Marvin Halliday, Elly Hoogendoorn, Neil Hoogendoorn, Dick Mehling, Gordon Simpson, and Steve Reid.

A special commendation should go to the charter members who have been with the club all of their 35 years, congratulations to Ken, Neil, and Dick.

Marsville Lions Club has been involved in many of the community projects that have shaped and changed the face of the community, for example the Adopt-a-Road Program along Dufferin Road 3, the building of the pavilion and play structures in the Marsville Park, and the play equipment at East Garafraxa School. They are still involved and motivated by donating the Pancake Breakfast with Santa to East Garafraxa School each year on the first weekend in December.  The club would not be able to do that, or donate to multiple charities for the blind, and drug problems without the help of the community in donating their Newspapers, pop cans, and wine and beer bottles in the last Saturday of every month at the Marsville community hall. Thank you all for your wonderful support. Please keep it up.

The Marsville Lions would also like to thank all of their sponsors. It is appreciated to have the support of our local community businesses.­­