Butter Tart Trail to merge with Horse and Buggy Trail

Wellington North council has approved the merger of the township’s Butter Tart Trail and Southgate’s Horse and Buggy Trail to form “Butter Tarts and Buggies: Explore the Simpler Life.”

On Nov. 23 April Marshall, the township’s tourism and marketing manager, said the idea for the merger came from an Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance recommendation.

“They’re both local food and local culture so we’re taking a look at what makes our area unique, what contributes to our local culture,” said Marshall.

In her report to the economic development committee, she explained the merger would:

– allow the trail to build capacity by developing new criteria that encompasses butter tart bakers, other butter tart experiences, events, Mennonite culture, local food ambassadors and the equine industry;

– create a trail through the region that builds the appeal to travel to the area: Wellington North, Southgate, Minto and possibly parts of West Grey and Mapleton;

– combine resources to drive marketing initiatives and build interest; and

– allow the opportunity to develop a “Friends Of” campaign to help promote other destinations in the area that wish to create offerings for trail visitors.

Marshall proposed $5,000 be set aside in the 2016 budget for the initiative, which she hopes will  be implemented in the spring.

The cost for the trail will be shared between participating townships and partners.