Busy days ahead

As leaves emerge and seasonal plants start to sprout, a flurry of activity will start any day now.

Some farmers have entered fields, some have even planted already. The spring that appeared to come so early has seemed stalled recently.

Gardeners are getting ready too. Even with cool mornings, we have been surprised at the number of folks working in their yards, embracing that time of year when daylight arrives early and ends late. There is so much to do.

Perhaps the greatest part of spring is the smell of soil tilled and ready for seed.

Flower beds will soon be tidied, the remains of last year raked off in time for tender shoots to inch along each day, reminding us of the great wonderment that is Mother Nature.

This time of year is a great time for planting trees.

Townships will be offering trees shortly under the County of Wellington Green Legacy tree program. Many other suppliers, too, are offering their selection of evergreens and deciduous trees for sale. It takes a bit of planning, but trees are an excellent investment for future enjoyment.

For folks with larger properties some fruits are in order. Raspberries, strawberries and fruit trees enhance the country experience. Rhubarb, asparagus and other such seasonal plants are a treat too. What they all have in common however is they don’t happen to flourish overnight, taking a year or two or three to come into production.

For Canadians, spring is a whirlwind. A game-plan goes a long way in the battle to accomplish so much in so few days.

There is time yet; make the most of it.