BUSINESS PROFILE: Coverdale Mobile Service takes expertise on the road

Imagine a mechanic who makes house calls.

Keith Coverdale did, and that became the basis for Coverdale Mobile Service, a business he established in 2006.

Coverdale Mobile Service provides a wide range of on-site services for trucks, trailers and heavy equipment, including servicing and parts, mobile repair, MTO inspection, air conditioning and welding and fabricating.

Growing up in a farming community with a father who has been a licensed mechanic for 43 years, Coverdale said, it was an easy choice to follow in the trade. He has now been in the service trade for 19 years and owned his own mobile service business for the past eight.

Coverdale said he was motivated to start the business after learning first hand of the demand that existed for mobile service.

“As I worked at the International dealer in Cambridge I heard time and time again, ‘It would be nice to have a mechanic service our equipment at our location,’” he explained.

Coverdale found most trucking companies, farmers and similar operations have shops of their own and just lack a licensed individual to do the technical and paper work required by government ministries for service records.

“So when my part-time work out weighed my full-time work, I made the change,” he recalls.

Coverdale Mobile Service offers service at the customer’s shop or yard, as well as roadside and in-the-field options.

“The best part is the price is all the same,” he notes, adding that he prefers to work in the customer’s shop when the situation allows for it.

“I am well established and connected in having great contacts for parts and other mobile services contacts across the GTA and the Kitchener/Cambridge area in case of breakdowns away from home,” he points out.

Coverdale tailors his hours of operation to his customers’ requirements.  Some prefer a weekly visit, others an annual spring once-over and others still, require a revolving work load of day or night service as needed.

Challenges in the fleet and farm service industry have remained consistent over the years, says Coverdale.  A limited time window equipment is available for servicing and parts availability, as well as changing technology are aspects of the business Coverdale strives to handle to his customers’ advantage.

“I pride myself in doing what the customer requests and at a price he or she can afford,” he states.

Coverdale recently experimented with a homebase shop in Moorefield, but found, “I was away more than I was there so I’ve decided to stick with what works and go back to mobile full time.”

To contact Coverdale Mobile Service call 519-498-1422.