Boyz Next Door Lawns and More handle lawn care and odd jobs

North Wellington Youth Spotlight focuses on positive stories about young people in local communities. The features are provided by Erin Raftis, municipal youth intern for Minto, Mapleton, and Wellington North – #positivityFromYouthForYouth.

MINTO – Cavan Murray, 14, of Harriston, joined the world of entrepreneurship this summer through his business, Boyz Next Door…Lawns & More, funded by the Saugeen Student Start-Up Program (SSUP).

 The program allowed Murray, along with 41 other youths in the Saugeen area, to start their own businesses.

Murray  explains that his original intention when he and his friend Jayse started their business was to be strictly “a lawn cutting business, but [they have now] adapted to include other odd jobs.”

On top of lawns, the business now includes things like small renovation jobs, gardening, and errands.

The youth was inspired to start his own business as he is “too young for a typical job” but he wanted to earn money to pay for a cell phone. The Start-Up Program “seemed a good way” to achieve this goal, he said.

The young entrepreneur is happy “to offer some services to those who need help” and has spent time working in his community, including assisting the Harriston Preschool by delivering thank-you cards and putting up posters.

This job opportunity has also taught Murray a lot this summer. He states that “running your own business is a lot of work and [he] had to learn a lot of things like how to look after [his] equipment, bookkeeping, wallpaper removal, gardening skills, and more.”

He plans to continue the business, altering his model depending on the season. For example, he is planning to rake leaves in the fall. However, he will be looking for less hours as he begins attending Norwell District  Secondary School in the fall.

Murray appreciates the opportunity SSUP has given him.

“I was really lucky to have been accepted to the SSUP program. Some reasons include the fun and informative information sessions [and] start up money,” as well as it “forced me to set goals and accomplish things,” he explained.

Anyone interested in contacting Murray about the business’ services should email or message the Facebook page BoyzNextDoor.