Blue Bonnet Lassies compete in three competitions

Highland competition – Dancers from the Blue Bonnet Lassies School of Highland Dance participated in three competitions this fall. Dancers included, from left: Gabrielle and Scarlett Jackson, Maribelle McBroom, Ainsley and Kori Stewart, Brooke Bailey Avaline Booth, Ella Murray, Emma Horlsey, and Ashley Elliott. The dancers started off at the Guelph WOHDA competition on Sept. 21. In the primary 4 and 5 years category, Scarlett placed second in fling and second in pas de basques. In the beginner 9 years and under, Gabrielle placed third in fling and lilt. The second competition was the BATD Highland Festival in Cambridge on Oct. 26. In the primary category Scarlett placed third in fling. In the novice 13 years and over category Murray placed third in sword. The final competition of 2019 was in Burlington at the Halton WOHDA competition on Nov. 9. In the beginner 12 years and over Kori placed third in Seann Truibhas. In the novice 10 years category Ainsley placed second in Seann Truibhas and Flora. In the novice 13 years and over, Murray placed first in lilt, second in fling and third in flora, earning herself the runner-up overall trophy for her group.