Arthur PS staff plan car parade to connect with students, families

ARTHUR – Arthur Public School staff will hold a car parade on May 1.

“We will be following all social distancing orders as we do so. We will wave from our cars and hope to see smiles and waves from the students we miss so much,” organizers state.

The event will begin at 2pm and follow a route to be posted on school social media outlets.

Families whose homes are along the route are asked to be on their front porch to take in the parade. Those not on the route are encouraged to make their way to a location on the route.

“We’re hoping that this gives our students, staff and community something to look forward to on May 1,” organizers state. “It’s our way of letting you know we miss you and we are proud of you for doing your best to keep safe and learn.”

Organizers noted permission to hold the parade was obtained, “After checking with our superintendant and consulting provincial emergency orders.”