Agree to disagree

“Killing animals to feel their bones and flesh in your mouth is no different than beating a dog solely for pleasure.”

Chew on that little nugget of brilliance for a while.

It’s an actual quote from a post on the Facebook page for the Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance (KOALA), which, among other things, dedicates time and energy to disrupting otherwise peaceful community events to force its opinions on unsuspecting attendees trying to enjoy a tasty meal.

The group has now set its sights on the 4th Annual Fergus Whole Hog BBQ on Sept. 10. The event, organized by the Wellington Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (WCSA), aims to promote improved animal welfare and to support local agricultural products and sustainable farming practices.

Admirably, event organizers have met with KOALA members to try to convey the WCSA’s mandate. It appears their efforts have led KOALA members to stop a “phone blockade” of the event, which included asking event sponsors to remove their support for what KOALA calls a “carnival of cruelty.”

But the WCSA shouldn’t be fooled by the apparent olive branch. I find it hard to believe anyone on the sponsor list would have been swayed by these nuisance calls anyway, so it was likely a futile exercise from the start.

Plus, if our previous dealings with groups like KOALA are any indication, there is no reasoning with them. Much like conspiracy theorists, animal liberation zealots operate under the philosophy of “we’re right and anyone who disagrees with us is wrong.”

Most of the time they’re outsiders; residents or former inhabitants of large urban centres who have taken it upon themselves to change the evil ways of those they see as simple-minded small-town and rural folks incapable of thinking for themselves.

They don’t understand the rich agriculture heritage of the area, nor do they comprehend anything about the farming industry itself or its massive impact on local economies.

Worse yet, KOALA types don’t seem to grasp that most people here already understand very well what animal liberators believe, they just respectfully disagree and choose to let those with opposing views make up their own minds.

It’s too bad the other side can’t do the same.

Summer’s not over yet

A few weeks ago, I wandered into a drug store and was shocked to see a Halloween display occupying a large retail space.

It got me thinking about our preoccupation with always looking forward to “the next big thing” instead of living in the moment.

I too have bemoaned the poor weather this season and I too am  dreading the pending unofficial end of summer (school starts up again in 11 days). But I won’t let that stop my family from enjoying every last minute of summer together.

We hope Advertiser readers make the most of the last days of August.

Summer’s not over yet.