ADVERTORIAL: Spectacular Ideas Customized Dreams

‘Almost Anything Wood’ custom build beautiful, functional, and practical cabinetry to your unique specifications and requirements. In the past 25 years of doing business in and around Fergus, they’ve also built a solid foundation of excellent customer service and indisputable product quality. Indeed, in recognition of their quarter-century achievement, Almost Anything Wood recently acquired well-deserved recognition from the Chamber of Commerce.

The company is owned by Dave and Debbie Veldhuizen, and the team is completed by their son, Nick. The ‘Almost Anything Wood’ showroom on Breadalbane Street in Fergus is a gallery of superb examples.  When you visit, you’ll see craftsmanship at its finest. They custom-build everything on site – each pieced sized to your desired specifications. The work they do here is nothing less than inspirational, and can be utilized in all kinds of applications.

You can think small or think big.  Condo or house?  Renovating existing cabinets or looking for brand new construction?  Full kitchen or a simple powder room vanity?  Just visit ‘Almost Anything Wood’ to discuss your needs and ideas.

‘Dream Kitchen’ is a common term of phrase.  It’s the room, before all others, that has the most impact in your home, and the room that will most often influence the sale of a house. So, if you’re going to do it, do it right.  Get the kitchen you want.  Don’t settle.  You’ll never regret it. In fact, it’s an investment. So why compromise?

Planning and designing your new kitchen is a straightforward process with ‘Almost Anything Wood’.  They do it all – the consultation, subsequent design, custom manufacture, finish and installation.

Initially, you can expect a visit to your home (or place of business, if it is a commercial renovation) in order to investigate the space, measure it up, and make note of windows and doors.  This information is returned to the office, where Debbie, with the help of a special computer program, produces a virtual three-dimensional design of your finished kitchen, which can be viewed on the computer screen. So, before its even built and installed, you’ll be able to see exactly what your new kitchen will look like, and discuss any changes you might wish to make.  

Once the plan has been agreed upon, you can then decide what type of materials you’d like in the manufacture of your new cabinets. There are so many different types of wood to choose from these days. You might opt for the soft honey glow of maple, or perhaps the traditional beauty of oak.  Maybe you’re drawn to the dark, rich lustre of cherry – a very popular choice right now.  If you’re after something a little different, ask to see examples of more exotic woods, such as bamboo.

White is still a good choice, and antique finishes are still  popular.  Maybe you’d like more than one colour! The recent trend of contrasting cabinet colours in kitchen design opens up a new world of choices.  Be sure to ask about the new water-based finishes and environmentally friendlier materials. Before your eyes, your dream kitchen will be transformed into reality.  In fact, your dreams might even expand once you have explored the various options available.

Once you’ve decided on the type of wood and the finish on your cabinets, you can have fun matching them to a fabulous counter-top.  Here again, you’ll be spoiled for choice. In recent years, counter-tops have become the focal point in many kitchens. It’s a strong element that really ties everything together. and the finished effect can be absolutely incredible. The current ‘hot’ trend is quartz. This natural and very beautiful material is breathtaking, and comes in a wide choice of stunning colours and patterns.  It’s easy care and infinitely durable.

For those who want the look of granite or stone, but maybe don’t have the budget for it, check out the amazing laminate finishes available these days. They’re so realistic, you have to actually touch them to know they aren’t made from granite or stone.  Plus, they’re actually easier to care for than some of the more expensive finishes.

Once the basic materials have been decided upon, you can decide upon the finer details.  These smaller elements – the finishing touches – often pull the whole design together, and make your kitchen totally custom and unique to you.  ‘Almost Anything Wood’ has some fabulous new options for stylish handles and knobs in a range of finishes.  They also have the latest technology when it comes to tracks and hinges, which make the cabinets and drawers very user friendly.

Dave, Nick and Deb work on a time line designed to suit you – the customer.  Major renovations often incorporate other elements, such as flooring, wiring, or plumbing, so the installation has to accommodate the other jobs and tasks at hand. No problem. The folks at ‘Almost Anything Wood’ are experts at smoothing out the operation and blending their work with the rest as the renovation progresses.

We don’t need to stop at the kitchen, either.  Any room in the home might benefit from custom cabinetry. After the kitchen, the bathroom is likely the next logical choice.

It’s often the smallest room in the house, yet another of those areas where a first class renovation will reap the rewards of the investment.  And who wouldn’t enjoy the luxury of a custom main bathroom or opulent ensuite?

Perhaps you’re planning on finishing or modernizing your basement.  A custom finished basement is another way to add enjoyment and value to your home. It adds space and functionality – great for the kids to hang out, or for your own personal ‘zone’.  Imagine having your own private theatre down there, with custom cabinets and shelves designed specifically to take the HD flat screens and surround sound systems. That little-used underground space will become the most sought out room in the house.  And, of course, it will be another great selling feature should you ever decide to relocate.

It’s becoming common, these days, for people to work from home.  As a result, the home-office is now becoming an integral part of a house.  Work in comfort. Let ‘Almost Anything Wood’ create the ultimate office space for you, customized to your personal needs and requirements.

If you are planning to have a custom home built, then you should absolutely consult ‘Almost Anything Wood’ to discuss the cabinetry requirements for your new house.  You can be assured of first class work, tailored to your own specific needs.  The designs will flow and compliment each other throughout your new space.

So many ideas, so many options!

At ‘Almost Anything Wood’, your dreams are just the beginning. The folks at ‘Almost Anything Wood’ have the ability to turn them into a reality. You’re assured of a warm and friendly welcome in an atmosphere that is both professional and relaxing.

So, if you are thinking about new cabinetry of any type, for any function or room in your home, give ‘Almost Anything Wood’ a call and arrange a consultation. They’ll be sure to accommodate your needs and requirements to a very high level of satisfaction.

“Almost Anything Wood” is located at 205 Breadalbane Street, Fergus.

Call: 519-843-7500 to arrange an appointment or visit the showroom.