A special day to publish

There’s a measure of pride to have our paper publication date coincide with Remembrance Day.

There are numerous articles and photos this week showing how important we consider honouring Canada’s veterans.

As we sadly know, many veterans have perished in recent years. Replacing their resolve are new veterans of conflicts like Afghanistan. In what could be considered an act of our courage, residents at the Rockwood service on Nov. 5 were told just a bit about war by Captain Rick Moyer.

Canadians here, safe at home, might capture a glimpse of the Highway of Heroes salute to deceased soldiers returning home to Canada for burial.

Sometimes we will have seen coverage of a ramp ceremony, as a fallen soldier’s body is transported home. For Captain Moyer, those images are something he “will not soon forget.”

Colleagues, regardless of their profession, have a bond, but for soldiers and people in uniform, that connection runs much deeper. Serving for a higher purpose like the military, where tragedy can strike at any time, makes for a special relationship. It has to.

Canadians continue to owe a debt of gratitude to their veterans. While we would like to see Remembrance Day services filled to capacity, the many people who actually attend make for a flattering crowd. Many will remember a family member or just have the good sense to appreciate the struggle of veterans.

Perhaps it is for that reason that Canadians get so riled up this time of year when boxes used in poppy drives are stolen. Chances are the purse was pretty slim, but it is the point of taking from an institution deserving of reverence. Such reports are spread right across the media spectrum.

As we honour Remembrance Day, let’s think lovingly of those who fought for our cherished way of life.