4-H Acrylic Painting Club meets

WELLINGTON COUNTY – The third 4-H Acrylic Painting Club meeting was held on April 1.

Since Easter was coming up, members had a choice of two Easter paintings that were picked by June and put into a poll.

One painting had three Easter eggs, and butterfly’s soaring through the sky.

The painting that was chosen featured a bunny in long blades of grass with dandelion seeds floating through the air. This painting included lots of layering so we needed to make sure it was dry before putting on another colour, blow-dryers were used for that.

About halfway through the group split up into breakout rooms for roll call. Each person said their first and last name, their county, and their favorite Easter treat.

Back in the main meeting, once all the finishing touches were done, members closed the meeting with the 4-H moto.

Submitted by Ashley Switzer