Your home spa is here. The time is now. Visit the World of Hot Tubs and soak it all in.

Have you ever loved a product so much that you bought the business behind it? That’s the story behind World of Hot Tubs owners Krista and Matthew Bremner. Seven years ago, a shopping trip for a home spa turned into a new direction for their family, and they’ve never looked back. When you love what you do and know firsthand the genuine benefits of what you sell, your purpose is clear. It’s also the reason you’ll feel right at home at their Guelph location. The World of Hot Tubs team want you to love what you find here too. 

The 8,000 sq foot showroom features about 25 spas on the floor, offering you an opportunity to see, touch and experience the hot tubs, because as Krista says, “you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, so why would you buy a hot tub you never sat in?”  Good point. So, climb in. Stretch out. Get a feel for the comfort you want. Imagine that spa with hot water swirling and pulsating water around your tired muscles. Relax. Take your time. They want you to feel comfortable, because Krista also says, “if you’re not comfortable in the tub when it’s dry, you’re not going to be comfortable in it wet.” 



The team at World of Hot Tubs will take you through the process, starting with understanding that this is a personal, intimate purchase. That’s why there are no pressured sales here. You already know what you’re looking for in a home spa.  They’ll direct you to the hot tub that will give you the best experience you seek at the best price. Whether it’s a tub for two or larger for a growing family, meant to provide quality, relaxed time together, or whether the spa serves a therapeutic purpose for strained muscles, aches and pains, or is simply a peaceful retreat to enjoy solitude, Krista and Matthew want your family to love your hot tub as much as they love theirs. 

Today’s home spas have so many configurations and sizes. At World of Hot Tubs, you’ll find more than 60 home spa models by brands such as Artesian Spas, DreamMaker Spas and Bullfrog Spas. From the ease of the portable and affordable Dreammaker Spas to the luxury and selection offered in the series of Artesian Spas, the options are many.  Consider the sophistication and custom versatility of Bullfrog Spas, with independent seat pressure, energy efficient pumps and components manufactured in Canada. 

Been on the fence about getting a pool? Save the aggravation and expense. World of Hot Tubs is the first showroom in Canada to have the new Swim Series Bullfrog Swim Spa. This impressive unit offers the benefits of exercise and play of a swimming pool with the health and relaxation benefits of a hot tub, for use all year round. Luxury and pleasure that fits your lifestyle and your backyard.


Swim Series Bullfrog Swim Spa


World of Hot Tubs proudly carries a selection of products to match your price point, understanding that a home spa is an investment. It’s important to this family business that your family feel cared for and respected in your purchase, so you’ll enjoy it for years to come. Count on honesty, quality service and fair pricing – every time. World of Hot Tubs offers a Price Match Guarantee on everything they sell too. They will earn your business and throw in a starter kit to go.

Their experienced installation and service team includes Tom, Rick and Dan, who have a long history at the World of Hot Tubs. Their expertise makes every home spa installation a smooth process from start to finish. They will advise you on the best location and requirements for your home spa, including electrical requirements, so you can ensure you’ve got the scene set for them to install your hot tub simply and safely. Once they’ve set your home spa in place, they’ll turn it on, make sure everything is working perfectly and explain the basics to care for your hot tub. Rest assured, this crew services what they sell and will help you get the most of your home spa for years to come. 

Building relationships with their customers goes beyond the sale. The World of Hot Tubs team look forward to seeing their customers throughout the longevity of their home spa, offering a full selection of care and maintenance supplies, like chemicals by AquaFinesse, Pool & Spa Boss, Natural Chemistry, Eco One and Nature II. 

Come in for free home spa water testing, to ensure the health of your hot tub. From filters to filter cleaners, and parts as needed, including cleaning equipment – they’ve got it in stock or will get it quick. Don’t forget Spa Covers to protect your hot tub. And novelty items too like heated walkway mats, drink trays, spa caddies, scented beads, lights, pillows and cushions. 

Krista, Matthew and the World of Hot Tubs team want their customers to know they are here for them. Whether you are buying a home spa or coming in for products or service of a hot tub you already own, your business matters. They want you to feel part of the team too.

That’s why they’ve created a fun week-long Customer Appreciation event, from August 27 to September 3. Drop into the World of Hot Tubs, meet the team and check out the amazing deals on all inventory, including all models of hot tubs, with special promotions every day on everything you need to care for your home spa. For Krista and Matthew, this is a celebration of the community that supports this family business, so expect this to be a week of great sales and so much more. 

Check out the selection at World of Hot Tubs store anytime online at Then make the trip to see them in person at 415 Woodlawn Road West in Guelph. 

Showroom hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays – 10am to 6pm Wednesdays and Fridays – 10am to 4pm Saturdays – 10am to 3pm.