Township awards two tenders: for street and Sportsplex roof

Councillors here were unanimous on Monday night when they let tenders for the reconstruction of Church Street in the village and for three sections of roof in Fer­gus.

Council awarded the recon­struction of Church and Kert­land Streets to J.G. Goetz Con­struction Ltd., of Guelph, for $1.17-million, including con­tin­gency and GST.

Council received a large government infrastructure grant for the work.

The Goetz bid came in lower than the original esti­mated cost of $1.33-million, with the federal and provincial governments and the township splitting costs evenly.

Councillor Walt Visser ask­ed if there is a penalty for failure to get the work done on time.

Denis Hollands, of Triton Engineering, said that there is a standard penalty clause, but the company can claim lost days due to poor weather.

That prompted Visser to note, that, in essence, there is no real penalty.

But councillor Shawn Wat­ters asked when the work has to be done.

Hollands said the deadline is March 31 in 2011.

Council then unanimously approved the grant.

Several councillors also not­ed the township is receiving a good deal with repairs to several sections of roof at the Sportsplex in Fer­gus.

The motion was to accept a bid for a roofing contractor from the lowest bidder, Wm. Green Roofing Ltd., of Guelph, for $239,290.

Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj asked Treasurer Wes Snarr to explain what parts of the roof are being repaired.

Snarr said the work is not for the newer parts of the build­ing, which was constructed in 2006.

Councillor Bob Foster asked for an explanation of what is being repaired.

Recreation Director Andy Goldie said the old admini­stration area and weight room is part of the project. It was built in 1985. So was the roof on the community hall, which was also built in 1985. As well, the roof over the change rooms for ice pad A are getting work. They were built about 1977.

Goldie said all three areas have suffered leaks in the past while.

He noted that the work is considerably under the budget   because the roofs were each estimated separately, but then put to tender as a package. He said the economies of scale in having all three done at the same time by one company provided savings.

Councillor Bob Foster said, “This is a good deal … This is a good project.”

Councillor Fred Morris ask­ed how long the roof work is supposed to last.

Goldie said it is 20 years, and he added there could be more savings because the com­plex will take less energy for heat when the work is completed.

Ross-Zuj said the original estimates for the roof work were $354,000, so the township is “getting a good deal.”