The new world

About the only explanation we have for the way people react to things is to describe it as a new world out there.

This expression usually assuages a manager or friend having difficulty understanding people. The simple fact is it’s pretty hard to figure people out.

That might well be the conclusion of the horrific events that descended on Toronto streets earlier this week. A lone man behind the wheel of a rental vehicle killed 10 people and a reported 15 others are injured after he mowed them down in the street and on a sidewalk.

As of writing this column, the only revelation as to a motive is a post on social media where the alleged attacker praised another killer of innocents in California. Their connection, seemingly, was involuntary celibacy (also referred to as “incel”), meaning they had no luck with women.

Prior to committing this heinous act he posted comments referring to an incel rebellion. Apparently there is a group online who correspond and chat about their sexual frustration and trouble getting lucky.

Boy, it is a new world out there.

In the wake of this tragedy, dozens of families are now left to grieve and pick up the pieces.

Photographs and memories of beautiful people struck down in this heartbreaking tragedy are starting to emerge. It is such a senseless waste.

First responders, although trained for most eventualities, probably never imagined encountering this kind of carnage. Even neighbours and witnesses in the area will never be the same after being unwilling spectators to madness in their midst.

Despite an obvious effort on his part to commit “suicide by cop,” the man was taken down and arrested by a well-trained police officer. In his first court appearance on Tuesday the attacker faced 10 charges of murder and 13 charges of attempted murder. For him, due process will take over and the courts will figure out his fate.

The victims, their families and friends will forever wonder at the senseless violence visited upon them on a sunny Monday afternoon in April.

It gives pause for thought for the rest of us in this new world we try to navigate.