Spring edition

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to take a look at the spring edition of Business Leader, our quarterly business magazine. 

This issue’s cover story is about Jewels Under the Kilt. Apart from a clever name and tasty treats, I didn’t know much about this business before I read the story by Aryn Strickland. 

Owner Elisabeth Burrow began the specialty nut business from her kitchen in Belwood in 2013. 

As with many business success stories, it took time for Jewels Under the Kilt to take root. Burrow started at farmers’ markets and received national attention at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. Now she’s selling Jewels Under the Kilt on Amazon. 

Burrow’s story is an inspiration. She took a hobby and turned it into a full fledged business. 

Burrow and her husband Mitja Kosir have taken the business one step further, now growing some of their own nuts on their Belwood-area property. 

I didn’t even think nuts could be grown in Canada. How cool is that? We always hear that Wellington County is a rich and vibrant farming community, but I always think of livestock and cash crops, never nuts. 

Stories like Burrow’s need to be told to inspire other entrepreneurs with an out-of-the-box idea. You just never know where your hobbies and passions may take you. 

The spring edition of Business Leader is chock-full of stories about inspirational businesses, enterprising entrepreneurs, business tips and more. Check it out at www.wellingtonadvertiser.com. 

* * *

Speaking of unique business ideas, Macadi is a store in Elora that sells jewelry completely designed and fabricated by in-house goldsmiths and designers. 

The businesses recently moved to 54 Victoria Street, Unit 101, in Elora. Each of the collections is inspired by Elora’s natural setting and surroundings. The jewelry store also specializes in repurposing existing gold and diamonds. 

For more information visit macadi.ca, call 519-846-0116 or email mandy@macadi.ca.

* * *

Frock N Fabrics in Drayton has also moved to a new location, at 7605 8th Line in Drayton. It was taken over by new owners  Gerald and Charlene Martin.

Frock N Fabrics offers a large selection of sewing products. For more information or to meet the new owners call 519-638-5876. 

* * *

Nicole Grimes has opened a shop on Fridays as a registered reflexologist at McDonald Chiropractic, 16 John Street North in Harriston. 

Reflexology can help alleviate pain, help with diabetes and improve circulation and digestion. Reflexology can also help bodies function optimally. 

For more information call Grimes at 519-323-7345 or email at nicoleegrimes@hotmail.com.

* * *

The Fergus-Avita Homeopathic Weight Loss Clinic is now open at 245 St. David St. North in Fergus. For more information call or text 416-884-8444.

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