Sharing bylaw officer working out well

Sharing a bylaw enforcement officer with two Perth County municipalities is working out well so far for the township, says CAO Patty Sinnamon.

In a report on July 22 Sinnamon stated the first month of sharing the services of enforcement officer Maurita Boyle with North Perth and Perth East “has gone extremely well.”

In June, the three municipalities agreed to shared costs, including wages (based on each municipality’s needs), cell phone, laptop, training courses, memberships to professional organizations, clothing and other equipment.

In terms of identification, Sinnamon noted the bylaw officer is now wearing an official uniform when out on calls.

In a report presented at the meeting, Boyle stated there have been about 200 calls regarding property standards for which files were all opened and closed to the end of June 2014.  

“Not all calls result in a file being opened. Many calls will be redirected to others such as noise and parking,” she said.