People peddling people

Society has advanced in so many respects, affording opportunities for a better life than known in the past. In many ways we are living the lives of kings and queens.

Yet, with all that good fortune and abundance of “things” it is hard to imagine that people still prey on people, notably less well-to-do men, women and children. Turning a buck takes many forms, whether it be forcing captives to work for little or no pay or, in the most egregious cases, women and children forced into providing sexual services.

Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis (GWWIC) is a resource for people in this situation or for others who know of a bad situation needing intervention. Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Ontario takes place this year on Saturday, Feb. 22 and it is our hope that readers take a moment or two to reflect on a repulsive activity that has no place in society today.

Since 2018, GWWIC has offered specific assistance to women and girls impacted by human trafficking in Guelph and Wellington. As identified in our story this week on page 7,  traffickers control people in many ways, whether it be physical and emotional abuse, manipulation or playing off the prey’s addictions. In order to assist women and children, specialized services are needed to help support them in rebuilding their lives.

In a recent evaluation of the program it was identified that 52 victims have accessed these services. It stands to reason and by the nature of the crime that more victims are out there.

Vigilance is required if we are to stop people preying on others.