Number of active COVID-19 cases shrinking

GUELPH – The number of COVID-19 cases has remained steady in the region lately, with a few new cases each day, while the number of active cases continues to drop.

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) was reporting one new confirmed case of COVID-19 in Wellington County on July 2 – as well as one in Guelph and two in Dufferin County.

There are 23 active cases in Guelph (down from 27 on June 29) and two people in hospital there.

In Dufferin County there are nine active cases (down from 12 three days earlier) and zero in hospital.

In Wellington County there are four active cases (up from three) with no one in hospital for COVID-19.

For the WDGPH region, there have been a total of 483 confirmed cases since the pandemic began, including 407 resolved cases and 37 deaths.

When looked at separately, in Wellington County there have been a total of 77 confirmed cases, 71 resolved cases and two deaths.

There have been 210 cases in Guelph, 176 resolved cases and 11 deaths.

In Dufferin County there have been 187 confirmed cases, 154 resolved and 24 deaths.

The biggest number of cases in a single day was in April:

  • in Guelph there were eight new cases on April 1;
  • Dufferin County had 10 cases on April 30; and
  • Wellington had four cases on April 22.

In total, as of July 2, 23,367 people have been assessed and 21,272 tested for COVID-19 in the region.

Broken down geographically, the numbers include:

  • 11,944 assessed and 11,287 tested in Guelph;
  • 10,467 assessed and 9,041 tested in Orangeville; and
  • 956 assessed and 944 tested at the Mount Forest assessment centre.

WDGPH image