Motus O Dance Theatre to present Carmina Burana in September

MOUNT FOREST – Motus O Dance Theatre will stage a Carmina Burana show next month.

It will take place on Sept. 3 at 8pm on Motus O’s hobby farm at #6880 Sideroad 3 West, Mount Forest.  

This is a pay-what-you-can event, with a suggested donation of $20.

“A band of renegade monks denounce their training and journey through colourful landscapes to drink deeply of the offerings of this world,” details a July 27 press release.  

The show will feature a powerful operatic score pumping through Motus  O’s seamless weaving of live video footage, stunning costumes and innovative choreography.

Carmina Burana is performed by Motus O dancers Petra Blenkhorne, Cynthia Croker, James Croker, Kate Cunningham, Laura Day-Sobolev, Jack Langenhuizen, Malgorzata Nowacka-May and Emily Redford. Stage manager is Travis Stocking.

Also performing are opera soloists Brittany Harris from Elora and Waterloo’s Xander Bechard.