Mapleton 4-H Club ventures out on hikes

MAPLETON – The first Mapleton 4-H “Walking on the Wild Side” Club was held April 29.

Club press reporter Natalie Wilkinson reports the club meeting began with the 4-H pledge before waiting out the rain for a hike and roll call.  

Club members were asked what comes to mind when they think of hiking and what members would bring on a hike.

“After that, we talked about using our five senses while we are hiking,” Wilkinson reports.

Club officers were elected, including: 

– president Kinsey;

– VP Abby;

– secretary Kate; and

– press reporter Wilkinson.

“We closed the meeting with the 4-H motto and had snack,” Wilkinson reports.

The club’s second meeting was held May 6 with members venturing out on a longer hike.

“We went on a hike for about 1.5km, and for half of the hike we walked through a bush,” Wilkinson reports.

Members noted what they saw, such as flowers, trees, or other objects.

Members snacked on dried fruit, nuts, raisins and more when they returned.