Maieron wanted personnel policy reviewed at final meeting

Mayor Lou Maieron wanted to have a look at the town’s personelle policy before handing over the reins to a new council.

On Nov. 25 the mayor brought up the policy once more.

As council reviewed the minutes from previous meetings, Maieron said he’s been trying to get the policy back for review.

He said the last time the item came forward it was suggested some portions of the policy could be discussed in open session, while the remainder would need to be in-camera.

Tocher said she remembered the conversation, but it might be difficult to qualify what should be discussed in an open forum and what should not.

“It’s pretty ambiguous to say some parts can be discusssed and others could not.”

CAO Kathryn Ironmonger said the item is still a draft report which has not been vetted to the new council.

“It will be the new council which will determine what portions will and will not be shared with the public.”

Maieron countered that the current council was supposed to provide some input.

Ironmonger said the current council has the opportunity to provide that input during a closed session.