Looking for a councillor

With Mary Lloyd’s departure from Centre Wellington council, an opportunity now exists for someone interested in serving their community. Lloyd replaced Rob Black on county council after he was appointed to the Senate.

Details of the appointment process are in this week’s Newspaper. Candidates are asked to have their application filled out and confirmed by April 20. This will allow council to appoint someone to the vacant seat by April 30. The term will conclude with the current council term on Nov. 30.

It was heartening to see numerous candidates apply for the Black vacancy. Many names were recognizable – whether former candidates or councillors in other wards. That people took the time to apply suggests to us there still is significant interest in serving in local politics.

Some have asked why these appointments are necessary with so little time left in this term of council. Realistically, the appointment is that of a placeholder, since much of the work has already been adopted this year – chiefly the budget and strategies for year 2018.

But, and this is important, councillors often take on the role of advisor and helper to residents that have concerns.

Every issue can’t or won’t be championed, but it is fully expected that a councillor can help point residents in the right direction.

Council is doing the right thing by saving the costs of a full-blown by-election. With only a few months left in this particular mandate, appointment is the only logical option.

If you have ever thought of running, this is a great opportunity for a short-term commitment. Current or past councillors would happily give some advice or answer questions on workload.

Who knows, depending on how it goes, you may get the bug and decide to run in the election.