Looking ahead to 2018

There is an element of mysticism between one year and the next. Holidays between Christmas and New Year’s Day tend to be the prime time to reflect and project.

Off the hop, employers face expanding payrolls and making sense of new legislation – perhaps the most sweeping changes in employment standards in my working life. Points of concern raised by many business owners and industries yielded little consideration, so Ontario will either head into the abyss or grow through spurred inflation.

Regardless, life will move on.

By June, a provincial election will be in full gear. After 15 years in office with a dubious financial record and numerous scandals, it will be interesting if the Liberals are able to win again.

After watching this same flick for four elections and observing the GTA’s influence on provincial election results, we are past offering any prediction on the outcome.

In the fall, municipal elections will be underway. This too will be interesting to watch as spending hasn’t diminished and taxes continue to rise, despite promises to the contrary just four years ago. There are murmurs in at least three municipalities of races for mayor. With recently announced increases to council pay, more races will surely follow, although reaction to the increases has been eerily silent.

In terms of the economy, Canada will continue to ride the wave of activity seen in the United States. Numerous contacts we have in the banking and accounting field suggest 2018 will continue as a strong year. The only caveat is recessions tend to happen in 10-year cycles. The last rough stretch was 2008, but with the crazy politics south of the border and a soaring stock market, it really is anyone’s guess how long the good times will roll.

For our organization, 2018 will be a special year. In March the Wellington Advertiser turns 50, marking half a century of service to businesses and residents. More details will follow, including several announcements about ways we will serve our clientele even better.

In a few short days the calendar will turn … please accept our best wishes for a Happy New Year, Wellington.