Giving thanks

Now that I am a parent, I have to let go of my greedy notions that Thanksgiving is really about getting to the white meat and the bowl of stuffing before the beefy relatives hip check me out of line (oh the scars of being the skinny kid in my family). Now I have to take the moral approach. Thanksgiving is about just that, giving thanks for the many blessings in our lives.  Pay attention children. 

To help inspire your gratitude I have compiled my own Things I Am Grateful For list of 2010. Consider it a point of reference for your own inspiration.

I am grateful for:

– Anxiety. If the sky falls, you’ll all have to admit I was right.

– People who do the math for you.

– A well written song that breaks your heart and lifts your soul.

– Horses, for teaching my daughter to conquer her fears and her coach for making that connection.

– Goalie pads, for a son who insists it’s the best spot on the ice. Even dreams need padding.

– My parents, who continue to offer a hand-up, but never a hand-out. I’m glad I know the difference.  Even when I borrow gas money.

– For my crazy Aunt Dee, who keeps me real and proves that I come from a long linage of wing-nuts. Genetics ain’t all bad.

– Mean people. Jerks. Trolls. These are all necessary evils to keep the rest of us above the fray.

– Grocery stores that put Ruffles and large tubs of chip dip on sale at the same time. Hallelujah.

– Faith, for my belief that everything happens for a reason, that karma only bites your bottom if you started it, and the constant proof that out of darkness comes profound light.  My religion is simply everyday life.

– Fears. Every time I admit I feel helpless, lost or afraid, I learn to have compassion for others. Everyone is afraid of something.  Compassion saves lives.  Judgments do not.

– Neighbors who don’t judge, even when you are yelling at your kids.

– The Beatles Rock Band for teaching my kids the Beatles still rock, and giving me a forum to prove that nobody belts out Twist & Shout like Momma can.

– Friends who know the best sentence in any friendship is; “Whatever happens, I have your back,” and they mean it. Yet, when you show up looking like crap, they take your picture and email it to the rest of your posse.  Life is twisted. Your friends should be too.

– Plumbers, ’cause if I keep asking, surely one will show up and help finish my bathroom.

– Tool-belts and the man who wears one every day and still never finishes a renovation project. Bless him for coming home to us, ’cause dinner is never going to be ready.  – Chip wagons and gravy (see above)

– Plastic wrap. Well? Imagine life without it?

– Living here. Right here. Right now. 

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is to make a list of what you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving. It’s easy to know what’s wrong with your life. So what’s right about it?  Hurry up, already – and pass me the stuffing.


Kelly Waterhouse