Erin qualifies for ice storm assistance

Chances are looking better for Erin as they seek provincial funding to help with the costs resulting from last December’s ice storm.

Councillors here recently received correspondence from  Municipal Affairs and Housing Deputy Minister Laurie LeBlanc regarding the town’s interest in the Ice Storm Assistance Program.

LeBlanc wrote, “The ministry has carefully reviewed your submission and determined that you have provided sufficient evidence of damage incurred as a result of the Dec. 21-22, 2013 ice storm.

“You are eligible to proceed to the full claim stage to seek assistance for eligible response and recovery costs.”

LaBlanc added that later this summer, the ministry will send eligible claimants a package of detailed program guidelines and claim forms to use in preparation of full claim submissions.

The deadline for the claim submission is Oct. 31.

In the interim, the town is continuing to track ice storm costs separately from normal operating costs.

All claimed costs will be assessed against supporting documentation and also will be subject to rigorous audit requirements, LeBlanc added.

Eligible costs must be supported by detailed documentation such as damage reports, time sheets, invoices, proof of payment, and evidence that work was completed.

LeBlanc also added, “as a reminder, to be considered eligible for reimbursement, costs must be clearly linked to the Dec. 21-22 ice storm event, be incremental to standard operating budgets, and be incurred to protect public health and safety or to secure access to public roads, sidewalks or frequently travelled routes.

“The target date for incurring costs was June 22, 2014.”