Construction activity holding steady

Building activity in Mapleton was up slightly in September, compared to the same month in 2013, but overall 2014 figures still lag slightly behind the previous year.

A total of 28 building permits for construction valued at $2,665,000 were issued last month, generating fees of $29,168 for September. That’s slightly higher than September 2013, when 26 permits were issued for construction valued at $2,540,500, generating permit fees of $21,140.

Year-to-date figures thus far in 2014 indicate the building department has issued 220 permits for construction valued $22,992,102, which generated fees of $218,590.

By the end of September last year, 235 permits had been issued for construction valued at $24,383,399, generating fees of $208,047.

Single-family dwellings represented the largest segment in September, with seven permits issued for $1,299,000 worth of construction. Permits were also issued for $75,000 worth of additions and renovations to single-family dwellings and $15,000 worth of residential accessory structures.

Year to date, agricultural construction accounts for the largest segment of building activity, with 62 permits issued for a total valuation of $8,560,343. Single family dwellings are a close second, with 32 permits issued to the end of September for construction valued at $8,551,859.

“All in all, it’s pretty good for this year so far,” commented chief building official Patty Wright at the Oct. 14 council meeting.

In her report, Wright also advised council the building department has arranged a meeting with area builders and contractors on municipal processes.