Christmas hopes

The festive spirit of Christmas will soon descend in earnest.

Weeks of preparation will culminate in day-long marathons of gifts, food and hopefully fun.

For some lucky people this will be baby’s first Christmas, which is really more about proud parents than baby remembering much. Baby’s first Christmas starts when they learn about presents and what lies within all the little wrapped boxes under the tree. It is such a fun time.

But, just as there is a first, there will also be a last. It’s unavoidable.

For some suffering with health concerns and the prospect that this may be their last Christmas – spending every moment possible with family and friends will be the priority. Everyone should do their level best to enjoy the present, reflect on the past and recognize the chance to spend time together is the best gift of all.

For countless others, it will be up to family and friends to keep Christmas alive this year, after the loss of a loved one before Christmas came again. In time, memories will replace the grief and hurt being felt this first Christmas.

Christmas is what we make of it.

It is my sincere hope for peace and joy this holiday season for all residents of Wellington County and beyond.

On behalf of our staff, Merry Christmas.