A Christmas like no other

Has anyone been here before or is this a first?

As a very young student learning about history, the notion of being the first person ever to step foot someplace became a game we’d play often. Tramping around in the bush or visiting obscure places there had to be a spot there somewhere, where no one on the planet had ever been before. Not a soul.

This perplexing pastime waned with age once I realized that the chances of such a unique experience are pretty slim, if not astronomical. Time is forever. It did prove an interesting distraction for a vivid imagination.

That game came to mind once again, considering Christmas this year. Is this a first?

Moments ago while writing this column, the Ontario government announced a province-wide lockdown coming into effect Boxing Day at 12:01am.

While the cancellation of Christmas has been averted (original reports suggested the lockdown would be Christmas Eve), large gatherings are discouraged so the holiday season will be different.

Door crasher specials on boxing day will have to be sought virtually. Some later-in-the-week Christmas gatherings will need to be cancelled and a period of shutdown will descend on Ontario. New Year’s will be a far tamer event as no organized public gatherings will be permitted.

The circumstances of 2020 and it drawing to a close in such a dramatic way will go down in history as an event unwitnessed by the vast majority of our readers. It qualifies as a first, but humankind has had challenges before, where the mettle of men and women were tested.

World conflicts of similar scope to this pandemic made it mighty hard for the family of soldiers to celebrate. Famines have overshadowed good cheer during a time of year when feasts are the norm. Back in the 1600s, Christmas in England was cancelled for several years.

The point here is that the magic of this time of year is something not easily displaced. Traditions can be inconvenienced, yes, but that doesn’t mean they are abandoned.

Christmas will be what we choose to make of it. Make it the best you can.

Note to readers and advertisers

As the lockdown takes hold, please accept our best wishes for a safe and healthy holiday.

Our office will remain closed during this period, but we are always available by phone or email. Complete contact information is available on the masthead on this page.

The governments of Canada and Ontario continue to view newspapers such as ours as an essential service. We will continue publishing and encourage you to visit our website at www.wellingtonadvertiser.com where the latest details affecting communities across Wellington County will be available.