Wellington North drinking water systems achieve 100% rating

KENILWORTH – For the 12th consecutive year, the drinking water systems in Arthur and Mount Forest received a 100% rating.

A press release issued at the Oct. 21 Wellington North council meeting outlined recent inspection reports from the Ministry of Environment, Conversation and Parks (MECP).

The reports, which consider both operational risk and compliance, are completed annually by the MECP.

They provide public health units and system owners with a quantitative summary of system performance.

The rating result is based out of 100 and is published in the Ministry’s Chief Drinking Water Inspections Annual Report.

“The township’s water and sewer team should be proud of this achievement,” stated Wellington North water and sewer supervisor Corey Schmidt.

Councillor Steve McCabe said he wanted the achievement brought to the attention of the press.

“We continue to have fantastic water in Arthur and Mount Forest … and I dare say, in all of Wellington North,” McCabe added.

He offered a “shoutout” to township staff for keeping the quality in line for so many years.

Lennox noted the report focuses on water safety.

“It is good to have the confidence of having safe drinking water for that period of time and at that level (of quality).”

Lennox added, “I think the only challenge we face now is to see about the drinkability of the water in Arthur and the discolouration issue. I’m not certain what steps we can take for improving that.

“It’s not that the water is unsafe, it’s just unsightly.”