WEB ONLY: Junior Farmers anticipate a great 2009

Friendships, Sports, culture, and community betterment – Wellington Junior Farmers has it all.

Wellington Junior Farmers are here to stay, and are having lots of fun. Although Junior Farmers has been in Wellington County for 90 years, 2009 will mark the second year for the newly regrouped club. The group may be young, but is full of spirit and ideas.

“2008 saw us participate in numerous events, both locally and provincially, and we’re looking forward to many more great years,” said club president Matt Dann.

Throughout 2008, the club was present as volunteers at the Drayton, Palmerston and Har­riston Fairs, along with running a dance at the Palmerston Fair.  Community involvement did not end there.  Members were also found cleaning roadsides, planting trees, washing dishes, helping with Pizza Perfect, and hosting a spaghetti dinner. 

Besides community in­volve­ment, the club also hosted many social events for members, such as a car rally, games night, sporting events, pot­lucks, and farm tours. 

Provincially, Wellington mem­bers were found at Winter Games, March Conference, Leadership Camp, Autumn Pro­file and Sing Swing.  At all provincial competitions, the club won prizes, but Sing Swing was by far the biggest medal showing, with multiple first, second, and third place prizes, ranging from sewing and singing to square dancing and a photo album.

A highlight of the year was hosting delegates from all over Europe for a week. The delegates were taken to all areas of Wellington County, learning about Wellington and what it has to offer. Tours included sev­eral farms, Minto, the Uni­versity of Guelph and the Elora Raceway, among others.

The 2009 plans were already started, with the new executive elected Jan. 5, a games night on Jan. 12, and the first provincial event of the year coming in Guelph on Feb. 6 and 7.

Junior Farmers is a provincial organization focusing on leadership and community betterment while making new friends and having fun. 

Members are aged 15 to 30 as of Jan. 1, and from both rural and non-rural backgrounds.

Anyone interested in seeing what Junior Farmers is all about can contact Pat Groten­huis at 519-338-9962 or Matt Dann at 519-338-5872, or email wellington@jfao.on.ca.