UGDSB announces principal/vice principal transfers, appointments

New principals at seven schools

GUELPH – The following elementary principal and vice principal transfers and appointments are effective Sept. 1, 2021.

Principal transfers:
– Deidre Wilson, from Westside SS to Erin DHS
– Audra Cook, from Youth Options/ECPP to Orangeville DSS
– Stephen Gayfer, from Erin DHS to Youth Options/ECPP
– Pat Hamilton, from Orangeville DSS (currently acting superintendent) to principal at Westside Secondary School

Principal appointments:
– James Cako, from acting principal at Orangeville DSS to principal at Guelph CV
– Steve Wynen, from acting principal at Secondary Remote School to principal at Secondary Remote School
– Heather Pierce, from VP at Centennial CVI to acting principal at Centennial CVI

Vice principal transfers:
– Joe Burns, from Secondary Remote School to Centennial CVI

Vice principal appointments:
– Melissa McDowall, from temporary VP at Secondary Remote School to VP at

Secondary Remote School
– Chris Fiddes, from teacher at CCVI to temporary VP at CCVI
– Jane Godbold, from temporary VP at ODSS to VP at ODSS