Tragedies must end says OPP chief

Chief Super­intendent for Western Region OPP Ron Gentle is warning citizens of Ontario of the im­mediate need to reassess per­son­al safety on our roadways and waterways.

That warning comes in light of an extremely tragic loss of lives in both venues this month alone. 

A total of eight people have lost their lives in motor vehicle collisions this month and there are still 11 more days to go.  Four young people have lost their lives in drowning incidents this week ranging from ages 10 to 24. 

“It’s heartbreaking enough when people we love die from natural causes,” said Gentle. “It’s difficult to comprehend and come to grips with when they die in a preventable inci­dent.”

He added, “I’m directing officers under my command to continue their vigilance during patrols and enforcement on the waterways and roadways.  The reality is that unless people stop taking unnecessary risks like aggressive and drunk driv­ing, or venturing into rough water, people are going to con­tinue to die needlessly.”

The OPP is asking everyone to do a self assessment of their abilities, whether they be driv­ing, swimming or operating a vessel and then function within their limitations rather than outside of them which in­creases the risk to their safety and those around them.