The campaign that isn”™t

Hopefully things pick up, but to date this election season has been pretty uninspiring.

As part of our commitment to readers in Wellington-Halton Hills and Perth-Wellington we are featuring a series of questions for candidates in our next two editions. These topics scratch the surface of the challenges that face Ontario and its residents.

There are some new faces running for office this time. There are even new parties, not heard about in the past. We have heard time and again how fringe parties waste time, but they too are owed their due in this great experiment we call democracy. Questions from the Advertiser were sent to all known registered candidates.

No forum, however, is large enough to deal with every issue and some topics are so large and encompassing that it would take weeks to put together an answer let alone a solution.

Our thoughts often lead off with the working poor as a group in dire need of representation. Seniors and others on limited incomes could be added to that list too.

Rising hydro and utility costs, more expensive food costs, absence of or limited public transportation, too few affordable housing options, scare resources for home care … the list goes on. We hazard to guess that despite political affiliations, most of us are up for helping the disadvantaged. Often it boils down to a matter of how to achieve the goal of helping others. No one can deny the needs are there.

Regrettably, after decades of dubious investments and fiscal misadventures, the province finds itself spending around $1 billion per month on interest payments.

We hope to hear about this issue and more in what we figure is the campaign that isn’t.