The Arrogant Worms performing Jan. 25

The Arrogant Worms are a three-man musical comedy troupe that has been delighting audiences for more than a decade.
With ten albums worth of material, they have consistently topped the sales charts and have sold over 150,000 albums to date. 
Using only guitar, bass, stage presence, tight harmon­ies, and the sharpest of wit, The Worms are on a mission to make people laugh. They are Canada’s self-proclaimed Clown­ Princes of Humour, Purveyors of the Absurd, and Ambassadors of Fun.
The Arrogant Worms’ songs are used in lesson plans across the country and one has even made it into an English text­book. Their song Dangerous was played aboard the space shuttle Endeavour for astronaut and fan Chris Hadfield. The youth of Canada have voted them the most popular band on a national radio show. The band that came in second in that competition was AC/DC.
The material and the show are clean and suitable for all ages. Legions of hardcore Worm fans keep coming back to the shows because they never see the same thing twice; every show is different, guaranteed.
Tickets are $28 to $23, and eyeGO, at the main stage of the River Run Centre.
Tickets may be purchased in person at the box office at (519-763-3000, Monday to Saturday 11am to 6pm, toll free at 877-520-2408 or online at www.­