Techno Steel ground breaking

Borz Fariborzi may become Mount Forest’s Man of Steel.

Recently, he and members of Wellington North council held an official ground breaking for Techno Steel Canada’s new facility in the town.

The company recently purchased 9.5 acres of township owned and serviced land on Industrial Drive, with plans to build a 10,800 square foot plant this year, manufacturing highly engineered steel structures by September.

President and Chief Execu­tive Officer Dr. Borz Fariborzi, emphasized the initial plant is just the beginning as the company eventually plans to em­ploy up over 100 people and build a 50,000 square foot plant in the township.

In September, the first phase will include the employment of 10 people including office help, welders, and steelworkers who will be trained for the specialized fabrication to be done there.

Mayor Mike Broomhead said, “In these trouble times for Canadian manufacturing, it is great News to be able to announce an industry opening in Wellington North that plans to employ over 100 workers.”

Fariborzi said he hopes for construction to start in mid-May.

Techno Steel is involved in world-wide operations and em­ploys about 6,000 people.

Once the initial Mount Forest facility is built, experts will be brought in from Dubai to help train staff and he is hopeful that within two years, there will be a workforce of over 100 people including a small team of engineers.

“I can see the potential of this area,” he said, adding that the decision to come to the town was made with a lot of help from Broomhead and a great deal on the property.

He explained his technique provides buildings which are cheap, reliable, durable, and lightweight.

The modular design also allows the same components to be used on different types of buildings.