Storm helped bring people together

Although winter storms can result in stranded travellers, Minto Mayor David Anderson said local response shows such storms can also draw a community together.
At a recent council meeting Anderson commented on bad winter storms in the area that resulted in dozens of stranded motorist who found shelter in local community centres and in local homes.
“Over the years, I’ve notic­ed that as a society, as people get more busy, they are heading off in different directions, looking to be more self-reliant. Sometimes we need a good storm to bring us together,” Anderson said.
He estimated that Minto used all of its supply of emergency cots with over 100 people stranded in Harriston, and in other Minto communities.
The municipality provided places where people could spend time and stay warm. In Palmerston, local firefighters, also members of a local snowmobile clubs, helped stranded motorists.
Councillor Rick Hembly, also a member of the Pal­merston fire station, noted that when the volunteers got the call regarding a half dozen stranded vehicles, that resulted in the rescue of some 25 stranded people.
Hembly said other snowmobilers and members of the other Minto fire stations were also out helping people.
Anderson said there were numerous examples of local businesses, residents, and even stranded motorists helping others.
He said the storm was also a good test run for the municipality to get its bearings and prepare for the next situation.