Shopping spree winner donates to food bank

Marty Young roared through the Mount Forest Foodland on June 25, filling as many shopping carts with food as he could in two minutes.

Young of Mount Forest Home Hardware bought the two-minute shopping spree during the Fire Chief’s gala auction on June 4 for $1,000. The proceeds of the auction went to Louise Marshal Hospital.

Young, who filled three carts totaling $475.22, donated all the food to Community Pantry, the local food bank.

Mike and Carol Armstrong, of Foodland, will donate the remaining $525 to the food bank.

“What’s so great about this is that $1,000 went to the Louise Marshal Hospital, and basically $1,000 worth of food (to the food bank),” said Fire Chief Dave Guilbault.

Community Pantry coordinator Marg Rapp was on site to collect the donation.

“We’re gaining $1,000 worth of product. That’s perfect,” said Rapp.

“It feels great because this time of year, it’s summer, people usually forget about the food bank and we don’t get very many donations,” Rapp added.

Young said the best part was “just giving back to the community that we live in.”