Rural workshop damaged in fire

MAPLETON – Fire caused about $200,000 worth of damage to a manufacturing workshop here on Sept. 11.

Fire Chief Rick Richardson said firefighters were called to the fire on Mapleton Concession 3 just east of Wellington Road 9 around 7:30pm.

Richardson said the fire was caused when a vacuum pump overheated at the facility, which manufactures agricultural drainage tile.

Crews remained on the scene overnight and more firefighters were called back the next morning when the blaze flared up again.

Richardson attributed the flare up to cellulose insulation under the roof, which can smoulder for lengthy periods of time.

After firefighters initially got the blaze under control, Richardson said the owners were able to move more than $1 million worth of equipment out of the building including “a very expensive extruder.

“So a lot was saved,” he said.

The building structure was still standing, but heavily damaged in the blaze and may have to be torn down, Richardson noted.

Firefighters from Minto, North Perth and Mapleton’s Drayton and Moorefield stations responded.

No one was injured in the incident.